Notes from Students & Teachers

"You are really funny and a great story teller!"

"We loved how you interacted with our class and we enjoyed the structure and flow of your presentation."

"It was awesome learning about the process of getting a book published."

"It was helpful to hear about your persistence even after your books were rejected at first."

"We liked learning about the artists and seeing their preliminary sketches and how unique they each are."

"We really enjoyed the stories themselves, the stories behind them and where your inspiration came from."

"Your horse stories were surprising!"

"We enjoyed when you talked about your childhood and how you were always making up stories in your head."

"It’s awesome that you wrote a book based on your son’s stay in the hospital."

"It was great to actually meet the author who wrote these great books!"

"We love that you never gave up!"

"You are so awesome!! Thank you so much for visiting our school!"